by Brian J. Lenius

The "Expanded Data Edition" of the Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia for the pre-WWI Austrian Crownland of Galizien (Galicia) includes over 14,000 place names. This 345 page book also includes 22 maps and is based on 1896-1914 information.

List of 6300 communities and estates (Polish names). Includes the Administrative and Judicial Districts, current country, Land Cadastral Community, Roman Catholic parish and diocese, Greek Catholic parish and eparchy, Evangelical Lutheran/Reformed parish, Mennonite circuit, and Jewish Registration District for each village, town, city, and estate.

List of over 3441 smaller places (hamlets, etc.) and alternate names for villages.

List of 4052 Ukrainian Place Names cross-referenced to the Polish names of communities (villages, towns, and cities) and estates. Names are given both in transliterated Ukrainian and Cyrillic form.

List of German language place names and a separate list of places known to have had German inhabitants, including the 18th and 19th century German colonies which had Polish names.

Map of Galicia illustrating the Administrative Districts, showing a grid for the 1:200,000 Austrian "Mitteleuropa" map series and the Poland/Ukraine border.

21 maps of Galicia. Each map (1:490,000 scale) represents a map in the 1:200,000 Austrian "Mitteleuropa" map series and up to eight maps in the 1:75,000 map series and shows the Administrative District boundaries, pinpointing a total of 641 places to aid in locating ancestral villages. Each community in the gazetteer listing refers to one of these places. Includes latitudes and longitudes (in Greenwich and Ferro).

Sources for genealogical records incl. names and addresses of archives, etc. for vital records, references to published articles and inventories.Hundreds of informative endnotes and 12 additional tables (eg. alternate parish names).

ISBN 0-9698783-1-1 (3rd edition, Expanded Data Edition)


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